Wood Fences

Fence Styles

On-Guard Fencing Co. has several fence options to choose from.  From the luxury of our visually stunning Flagship Fence Package, to the more economical Classic Fence Package, we offer a fence for every budget.  Feel free to add any of our various fence upgrades for the perfect combination for your home. Below are our most popular wood fence styles.

Board on board fenceBoard on Board

Board on Board Fence

Board on board is our most popular fence style.  Board on board fences offer 100% visual privacy and are ideal for customers with a swimming pool.

Shadowbox FenceShadowbox

Shadowbox Fence

A shadowbox fence is similar to board on board except that instead of every other picket nailed on top of the preceding picket, the overlapping picket is attached to the opposite side of the fence rail offering more airflow.

This is what happens to a side by side fence after the pickets dry.Privacy Fence

Privacy Fence

A privacy fence is an excellent choice for the homeowner simply wanting to keep children or pets within the backyard.  A privacy fence offers about 95% visual privacy while still allowing for a small amount of airflow.

On-Guard Fencing Co. offers several additional fence styles and always welcomes new challenges.

Basket Weave Fence | On-Guard Fencing Co. fence contractor in Dallas, TX
Basket Weave
Corral Fence | On-Guard Fencing Co. fence contractor in Dallas, TX
Diagonal Fence | On-Guard Fencing Co. fence contractor in Dallas, TX
Hog Fence | On-Guard Fencing Co. fence contractor in Dallas, TX
Hog Fence
Horizontal Fence | On-Guard Fencing Co. fence contractor in Dallas, TX
  • Lattice Fence
  • Split Rail
  • Stockade


There are several levels of quality fence pickets.  On-Guard Fencing Co. offers two: Clear and #1.

Clear quality western red cedar fence picketsClear Pickets

Clear Fence Pickets

Clear fence pickets are our most popular.  Completely free of any knots or other aesthetic defects, clear quality fence pickets make for an amazing fence, especially stained!

#1 Quality Western Red Cedar Fence Pickets#1 Pickets

#1 Fence Pickets

#1 quality fence pickets are our standard offer.  A #1 picket doesn’t appear much different to that of a #2 quality (below).  However it has fewer and tighter knots that are less likely to fall out or crack as the boards dry.  In addition, there are fewer defective boards in a bundle to “cull” through.

#2 Quality Western Red Cedar Fence Pickets#2 Pickets

#2 Fence Pickets

Although we don’t offer #2 fence pickets, many of our competitors do.  A fence contractor that uses sub-par materials such as these won’t explain why they are such, so On-Guard Fencing Co. will.

#2 fence pickets  are what you might find at your local hardware store.  These pickets are typically riddled with knots, splits and even holes!  In a bundle of #2 fence pickets, you’d be lucky to find 50% usable pickets (to our standards, anyway.)  We’ve found that it’s not worth spending the time and energy sifting through these boards to find the few usable ones.  It is more cost effective to spend only pennies more per board and plenty of time not having to dig through them.  Not to mention all of the wasted boards that are either sold for pennies on the dollar or simply discarded with the rest of the old fence debris.


On-Guard Fencing Company offers two types of wooden fence rails: Rough Sawn Western Red Cedar 2x4s and S4S (surfaced on 4 sides) Western Red Cedar 2x4s.

Rough Sawn Western Red Cedar 2x4 Rails

Rough Sawn Western Red Cedar 2x4s

This rough-sawn look is what gives these 2x4s that traditional unfinished cedar appearance.

On-Guard Fencing Co. offers rough sawn 2x4s as an upgrade.

Benefits of rough sawn 2x4s:

  1. Nominal Thickness
    1.75″ x 3.75-4″
  2. Aesthetically matches the appearance of the rest of the fence pickets and trim (even when stained).
S4S Western Red Cedar 2x4 Rail

S4S Western Red Cedar 2x4s

Benefits of S4S 2x4s:

  1. Economical
  2. Kiln Dried


13 Gauge Galvanized Steel Fence Post


We use 2-3/8″ x .095″ (13 gauge) heavy duty galvanized steel line posts on all of our fences.

Fence Post Spacing

Post Spacing

We set all fence posts 5.5′ apart and 36″ deep.

Pre-mixed concrete

Pre-Mixed Concrete

Another thing that sets On-Guard Fencing Co. apart from our competition is that we machine mix our concrete for perfect consistency before pouring it into the post hole.  In addition, we don’t place the fence post into the hole until after the concrete has been poured in.  This allows for the concrete to fill the bottom of the post adding to the post’s strength.


Pedestrian Gates

Strongest all-wood pedestrian gates in the industry!

Strongest All Wood Gates!

We are so confident that we build the absolute strongest all wood pedestrian gates in the industry that we’ll stand, or even jump, on our gates and they will still close perfectly; guaranteed!

Streamline Gate

Streamline Gate

Our standard streamline gate matches seamlessly with the appearance of the rest of your fence.  Whether its board on board, shadowbox or privacy, the streamline gate is a perfect compliment to any fence design.

Custom Gate with Lattice

Custom Gate

On-Guard Fencing Co. offers several custom gate designs to choose from and welcomes any submitted design ideas for the perfect arrangement for your home.

Gate Hardware

All gate hardware is black, powder coated steel.

Optional Fence Upgrades

Top Trim

2-Tier Toptrim

2-Tier Top Trim

The 2-tier top trim is our standard trim package.  It includes a clear quality 1×2″ on top of a clear 1×4″.  On most fences, especially an eight foot tall fence, the 1×2″ gives the illusion of a 2×8″ top cap.   

3-Tier Toptrim

3-Tier Top Trim

Our 3-tier top trim is the same as the 2-tier with an additional clear quality 1×6″ board giving the third level of dimension.

Arched Trim

Arched Trim

The arched trim package is essentially a 2-tier trim, only instead of a 1×2″ and a 1×4″, the 1×4″ is substituted with an arched 1×6″.  Add a top cap for a beautiful third level giving your fence a complete and finished look.


Catwalk or Top Cap

On-Guard Fencing Co. offers a 2×6″ or 2×8″ catwalk to top cap board for a more finished appearance.  A catwalk looks especially nice on fences with steps.

Other Upgrades

Fence Corbels


Corbels make an excellent addition to complete a visually stunning masterpiece surrounding your estate.

Boxed Posts

Boxed Posts

Not a fan of steel posts?  Box in those posts to give the illusion of thick wooden posts or columns.  While most other fence contractors in Dallas, TX only offer a simple square boxed post design, On-Guard Fencing Co. offers a board on board look giving the posts more character and dimension.

Pet Window

Pet/Gate Window or Insert

A window or insert adds a gorgeous and even functional accent to any gate, custom or streamline.  Have pets?  Mounted low on the fence, this window offers an attractive way for your pets to have a view of the outside world!


Lattice Fence Trim


“At the end of the day, I can guarantee two things: 1.) On-Guard Fencing Co. will not be the lowest priced contractor in town.  2.) On-Guard Fencing Co. will build the nicest looking, longest lasting fence in town!”

Trey Coney