About On-Guard Fencing Co.


My name is Trey Coney.  I am a Texas native and have been involved in various aspects of construction since 1993.  I established my first construction business in 2005 while living in Denver Colorado.  In 2008, I decided to move back to Dallas to be closer to my family and friends.  Since then, I have built hundreds of fences, an impeccable reputation as a fence contractor and have even started a remodeling business (Coney Construction Co., LLC) that has now become the parent company of On-Guard Fencing Co.


My philosophy is simple; I persistently strive to provide the absolute finest product at the most affordable price while delivering the utmost standard in customer service.  In order to maintain these goals, I continually scour the market in search for the best quality materials at the lowest prices. I also survey every customer in an effort to improve my services where possible.